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The Cause Agency


We are on a mission to help non-profits grow through original and strategic communications by virtue of tenacious talents, an instinct for innovation, and a passion for our client’s purpose.

The Cause Agency works with any nonprofit organization performing a public service without a focused message or clear identity. Nonprofits are in the trenches promoting research, education, and providing social and humanitarian aid to underserved communities across the nation and the world. And they are doing this significant work understaffed, on insufficient budgets and usually without any marketing plan in place.

We work with organizations looking for a way to target the right supporters and turn those supporters into true advocates for their cause—which, ultimately, means more people being served in our communities.

Tell us about your passion for the nonprofit work you’re doing and the vision you have for your organization. We’ll evaluate your current marketing strategy, if you have one, and determine your greatest marketing needs. Through creative brainstorming with our staff and yours, we’ll develop a marketing plan that addresses your needs, your obstacles and your budget constraints. Then we’ll execute powerful creative and buzz-worthy public relations that will tell your story in an honest, provocative way. If you work with or know about an organization that can benefit from working with The Cause Agency, we’re just a phone call, an email or a tweet away. How can we help?

Working for the Cause
In 2013 J.O. formed The Cause Agency, a nonprofit marketing firm offering discounted marketing and public relations services to other non-profits. We figured that with our long history of promoting important work for profit and non-profit organizations, we could do some good for others, and, along the way, help improve communities and enhance lives. It all goes back to doing what we do best: telling a branded, marketable story in a persuasive way, whether it’s for a charitable cause, a start-up business or a multi-million-dollar corporation.


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