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Trinity Metro Branding

Posted on Mar 22, 2018 in Branding, Case Studies, Our Work | 0 comments

Trinity Metro Branding - new name and logo

Trinity Metro (as Fort Worth Transportation Authority, or FWTA) knew the stakes were high. The only public transportation system in Fort Worth — one that extends to the far reaches of the metroplex — FWTA recognized the advancement of Fort Worth and its nearly 1 million residents was only possible with the growth of transit.

FWTA approached J.O. for help with two main challenges. First, the community had a poor understanding of the FWTA brand. We needed to convey the brand more consistently to eliminate confusion. Second, we needed to help elevate and align FWTA with its transportation counterparts in other major cities to make future growth possible.

We started with the name. After ideating and considering many different name options, we chose “Trinity” because the Trinity River is significant not only to our heritage, but also to North Texas and Tarrant County. Our founders established the metroplex where the Clear Fork and West Fork of the river meet. They knew the Trinity would bring a flow of people and ideas to the budding region. Today, to continue that growth, Trinity Metro provides the region with a new kind of river — a river of road and rail.

We chose “metro” because it universally means public transportation. It was a simple, yet distinct way to link Trinity Metro with transportation systems in other major cities in the nation, and the world.

Fort Worth Transportation Authority is now Trinity Metro.

Once we chose the name, we needed a logo that was equally significant. We considered how signs displaying the recognizable “M” symbolize metro stations around the world. But, J.O. isn’t in the business of following. We’re here to innovate.

So, we created the logo using three identical triangles. Within the negative space, the “M” of “Metro” subtly emerges. The set of triangles — a trinity itself — evokes Trinity Metro’s three-pronged offering: road, rail and metro-to-metro service, like the TRE.

We, as collaborators, are honored to be a part of Trinity Metro’s pursuit of a more unified, impactful brand, and we’re excited about the growth Trinity Metro is now poised to fuel within the community.

When the stakes are high for your company, and you’re looking to rebrand, J.O. is here to help. Contact our team at


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