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West 7th Case Study

Posted on Nov 14, 2016 in Case Studies, Our Work | 0 comments

West 7th Case Study

Our client, Vestar, needed to increase brand awareness and improve corporate reputation. As the managing group of the vibrant West 7th development nestled between Fort Worth’s downtown and cultural districts, Vestar needed to cultivate the crowds and the image that their tenants expected. They approached J.O. in early 2016 to solve the problem. We knew that a comprehensive public relations and targeted marketing campaign were the answer, so we set to laying the groundwork.

At J.O., we understand that any campaign is only as good as the research that drives it, so we began by interviewing Vestar’s retail and restaurant tenants, as well as folks living at the residential Lofts at West 7th. Armed with the necessary quantitative insights, we conducted a workshop with Vestar stakeholders to identify weaknesses within their brand and reputation management strategy.

Thanks to this interactive research phase, we were able to identify Vestar’s true pain point: despite offering Fort Worth’s best in retail, dining and entertainment, the West 7th development was suffering from brand and image ambiguity.

So, J.O. created for Vestar a unified messaging guide, marketing plan, new brand identity and logo. We provided Vestar with a strategy to address their empty retail space and turnover. J.O. also took charge of public relations, garnering positive media coverage for multiple tenants while managing stigma surrounding parking and high tenant turnover rates. A social media campaign executed in conjunction with Vestar’s marketing director was the icing on the cake.

The outcome exceeded expectations. For a single event, J.O. reached 187,357 viewers via earned media — an ad equivalency value of $15,626. J.O. also became heavily involved in managing West 7th social media channels, all of which have grown at a break-neck pace.

  • Instagram has seen an increase in followers of 2,482, or 70.5%.
  • Facebook has seen an increase in page likes of 1,188, or 2.9%. Average post reach increased by 663.
  • Twitter followers have increased by 828. The lifetime Tweet impressions to-date total 301,600, and the average engagement rate doubled from May to October.
  • These numbers continue to increase daily as J.O. continues social media campaigns.

By creating a cohesive brand and message, and by amplifying them via strategic social media and PR tactics, J.O. was able to drastically increase West 7th brand awareness and improve the corporate reputation.



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